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Hi my names is Kirstin and this is my fitness journey. Fell free to join me <3.
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My reaction when Ichabod came out of Purgatory with Katrina:





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"Korra didn’t learn anything in Book 2"

Book 1 version (x)

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It’s Finally Here! <3

The much anticipated 22-week challenge post has arrived, just in time for the new fitness resolutions of 2014 (:

I designed this strength routine challenge for beginners, and it is a simple, at-home, equipment free routine. This program also only calls for 4 strength exercises per day, with one rest day per week! That said, you can make it as challenging as you like by adding more exercises, adding more sets and reps, and pushing yourself to take on a new challenge!

The official start day of the 22-week challenge is Sunday, January 5th, 2014. That’s when I’m going to be starting my own modified version of this challenge, and I’ll be posting update on my progress starting then, too! However, you are free to start whenever works best for you (:

If you choose to take part, awesome! Print out these sheets and put them somewhere you’ll remember, like posting them on your wall. I’m not sure about you, but pretty colors really motivate me to work out :D There are checklists so you know when you’ve done the workouts and when you’ve missed them, and a progress chart for tracking your measurements.

If you have any questions, shoot me a message here and I’d be happy to help! Want to submit progress pictures or stats, or anything regarding the challenge? Feel free, my submit box is here! You can also post updates with the tag #brandnewmaddy or #22weekchallenge for me to see and like or reblog your post!

By the way, 22 weeks is about 5 months of working out, imagine the progress you could see after that much time! I encourage you to try, good luck! <3

Love, Maddy (brandnewmaddy)

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I got to do my Grocery Shopping for the Challenge this week…

I have no time to do anything DX!! And why every time I plan on working out, thats when my period likes to show up and give me all the cravings!?

Hey! Im gonna do Blogilates 12 Week Body Challenge!

Who’s doing it?! I want to follow all of you!


Brittany Renner

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“I was told to bring an eighteenth-century type of coat for the audition, but mine had buttons missing—so I sewed some on. I got the job, and I think it’s largely to do with my choice of button.” (x)

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